Meet Stacey Davidson

25 years experience

A session of massage has so many healthy benefits.  As you climb under the sheet, give yourself permission to benefit from all the goodness of this upcoming massage experience has to offer. As your therapist I trust in my work. I know my hands with a bit of oil and the correct pressure are going to create real therapeutic benefits for you.

Enjoy your best Massage
by giving us Feedback

There are many variations of Massage, please speak up and let me know if the pressure is too much, not enough, or is there an area that you need me to work on longer.  Also if you want to extend your massage, no problem just let me know,  I am here to give you the massage experience you deserve.


How to Prepare

Getting Ready For Your Massage

These a are few steps that will help you get the most relaxation from your massage experience


Adjust your thermostat so the room temperature is not too cold or too hot



Soft jazz or music without words, allows you to completely focus on yourself.



Please shower and undress to your comfort level and cover with a robe.

Helpful Information


Here is some information that I have found that will help you decide that best massage for your needs